Correspondence between Taro Kishi at Terry and his father, K. Kishi

Mr. K. Kishi
Care of - Mr. K. Kobayashi
110 Suwa,

    Soon after the creditors foreclosed on the mortgages and notes on the Kishi Colony, Taro’s father, Kichimatsu Kishi went to Japan to seek funds to buy back the property.  From March 16, 1931 to March 28, 1932, Taro corresponded with his father in Japan by typed letters and coded cables.  His father replied by terse coded cables.  The struggle to save the colony is described in the history of the Kishi Colony.  The following are links to life at Terry, Texas during this time.  Click to view link.

March 16, 1931

    I mailed two letters addressed to you at the boat, but even the special handling did not manage to reach you before the Asama Maru sailed.  The letters came back to me.

Family welfare
Health of mother, Fuji Kishi
Young athlete, Yoichi Kishi
Furuta-san and Tuberculosis
Financial hardships
Crude oil
K. Kishi vs. Gulf Production Company

All letters are signed:
Your affectionate son,

The individauls named in the letters, and their relation to Taro, are described below:

K. Kishi, Kichimatsu Kishi, Taro's father
Fuji, Taro's mother
Toki, Taro's sister
Saito, Tokuzo Hirasaki, future husband of Toki
H. Kishi, Hachitaro Kishi, Taro's uncle
Yoichi Kishi, son of Hachitaro, Taro's cousin
Furuta-san, one of colonists
Nagai-san, Junzo Nagai, one of original colonists
Fusa Nagai, daughter of Junzo Nagai
Kanji Nagai, son of Junzo Nagai

Breaux,  L. Breaux, Cajun neighbor
Ada, wife of Breaux