The Japanese American Experience in World War II
April 16, 2005
The Warwick Hotel, Versailles Room
Schedule of Events
9:30 AM

Panel Discussion “Internment, Redress and Post 9/11”

Mas Yamasaki – Tule Lake, “Day of Infamy, Japanese Americans”
Lillian Bonner – “Children's Village Orphan at Manzanar”
John Tateishi - “Redress and Post 9/11”

11:00 AM

Reception with Photo Exhibit
12:00 PM

Luncheon and Program “Japanese Americans in WWII”

Grant Hirabayashi – MIS, “Merrill's Marauders: Nisei Rangers”
Joe Ichiuji – 522 nd ; “Go for Broke”
Susumu Ito - 522 nd ; “Experience of a Forward Observer”
Marty Higgins – 36 th Div., “The Texans, The Trap and Bravery”
Lawson Sakai – 442 nd ; “From Enemy to Heroes”

Recognition of the Texas Veterans- “A special recognition to the Japanese American Texans who made nikkeis proud”

George Nakamura, MIS
Tommie Okabayashi, 442nd
Willie Tanamachi, 442 nd , Replacement
Marion Ferguson, 36 th Division

Not present but recognized were:
Saburo Tanamachi, 442 nd E Company, KIA
Goro Tanamachi, 442 nd , Headquarters (deceased)
Shigeru Imai, 442nd
Mutsuo Kawamura, 442 (deceased)
Norman Kishi, Burma
Nobumasa Kitayama, US Infantry, Camp Hood
John Ogata, 442nd
George Otsuka, 442nd
Carl Otsuki, 8 th Army Occupational Forces in Japan
Siggie Oyama, European Theater
George Sakato, 442 nd , E Company
Harry Shimotsu, 3 rd Army in Europe

2:30 PM

Visit to the Houston Holocaust Museum to see special exhibit,
“Dachau, Unlikely Liberators” and "Sugihara: Japanese Righteous Gentile."
5401 Caroline, Houston, Texas
5:30 PM Reception by Japanese Consul General for Houston, Yoshihiko Kamo