Saburo Tanamachi

442 nd RCT, KIA 29 October 1944

442nd RCT near Bruyeres; far left, Saburo Tanamachi followed by George Joe Sakato

Under the provisions of Army Regulations 600-45, as amended, it is recommended that SABURO TANAMACHI, (38562665) Private, Company E, Second Battalion, 442d Infantry Regiment, be awarded (posthumously) the Silver Star for gallantry in action.

SABURO TANAMACHI, 38562665 , Private, Company E, 442d Infantry Regiment, for gallantry in action on 29 October 1944, in the vicinity of Biffontaine, France.

Fighting a desperate enemy who was surprised by an attack from his rear, Pvt. Saburo Tanamachi, acting squad leader, led his squad over Hill 617 with a minimum loss to his squad. On sweeping down the hill, the squad encountered a terrific counter attack from the left flank. One of the members of the squad was severely wounded. In the face of four enemy machine guns and about 12 riflemen, Pvt. Tanamachi crept forward to give aid to his wounded comrade,. occasionally stopping to yell fire orders to his men. Just as he reached his comrade and was about to give him first aid, he was fatally wounded. Roused by the courage of their leader, the squad charged forward and unnerved the enemy who hastily tried 'to withdraw, but the combined actions of the whole platoon overwhelmed the enemy who was either killed or captured. The heroism and courage displayed by Pvt Tanamachi are deserving of high commendation and reflect the finest traditions of the Army of the United States. Entered military serviçe from: San Benito, Texas. Nearest Relative: Mrs. Asao Tanamachi, mother, Route #4, Box 120-A, San Benito, Texas.

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