Japanese American Books
(available for loan)

T. K. Walls, "The Japanese Texans," (1987) The University of Texas Institute of Texas Cultures, San Antonio, TX.

T. K. Walls, "The Japanese Texans," (2004) The University of Texas Institute of Texas Cultures, San Antonio, TX. ; Online Website: Click Here

J. Armor and P Wright, "Manzanar: Photographs by Ansel Adams, Commentary by John Hersey," (1988),Times Books, New York.

W. Benti, ed., "Born Free and Equal: The Story of Loyal Japanese Americans, Manzanar Relocation Center, Inyo County, California," (2001), Spotted Dog Press, Bishop, CA.

"Patriotism, Perseverance, Posterity: The Story of the National Japanese American Memorial," (2001), The National Japanese American Memorial Foundation, Washington, D.C.

Yukiko Sugihara (translated by Hiroki Sugihara), "Visas for Life," (1993, 1995), Edu-Comm. Plus, South San Fransisco, CA.

C. Tanaka, "Go for Broke," (1982) Presido Press, Novato, CA.

D. Y.-M. Wong, "Generations: A Japanese American Community Portrait," Japanese Community and Culture Center of Northern California.

B. Hosokawa, "Nisei: The Quite Americans," (1969, 2002), The University Press of Colorado, Boulder, CO.

The following books were donated to the Houston Chapter of JACL through a grant from the National Conference for Community and Justice, March 27, 2004.

Achieving the Impossible Dream, by itchell T. Maki, Harry H. L. Kitano, and S. Megan Berthold
How Japanese American obtained redress.

Ambassadors in Arms, by Thomas D. Murphy; The story of Hawaii's 100 th Battalion

American's Concentration Camps, by Allan R. Bosworth
The shocking story of 110,000 Americans behind barbed wire in the United States during World War II. Their crime: Japanese ancestors.

And Justice for All, by John Tateishi; An oral history of the Japanese American detention camps.

Baseball Saved Us, by Ken Mochizuki
Children's book about a boy in internment camp during World War II.

Blue Jay in the Desert, by Marlene Shigekawa; Children's book about a boy in Internment Camp.

Camp Kenedy, Texas, by Robert Thonhoff; The story of Camp Kenedy

Citizen 13660, by Mine Okubo (both text and drawings)
Story of life in Internment Camp done with text and drawings.

Dusty exile, by Catherine Embree Harris; Looking back at Japanese relocation during World War II

Heroes, by Ken Mochizuki; Children's book about a Japanese American boy in the 1960's.

Honor Bound A Personal Journey (Teacher's classroom guide)
The story of the 100 th /442 nd Regimental Combat Team 50 Year Later

Japanese American History Brian Niiya, Editor, Foreword by Senator Inouye
An A-to-Z Reference from 1868 to the Present.

Japanese American Journey, by The Japanese American Curriculum Project
The story of a people.

Japanese Eyes American Heart, compiled by the Hawaii Nikkei History Editorial Board
Personal reflections of Hawaii's World War II Nisei Soldiers

John Aiso and the M.I.S., by Tad Ichinokuchi
Japanese-American Soldiers in the Military Intelligence Service, WWII

My Name is America, by Barry Denenberg
The Journal of Ben Uchido Mirror Lake Internment Camp. Ben is a young boy growing up in camp.

No-No Boy, by John Okada

Personal Justice Denied, Foreword by Tetsuden Kashima
Report of the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment of Civilians.

Poston Camp II, Block 211, by Jack Matsuoka
Revised version of first book of cartoons to illustrate life in the detention camps.

Claire Kageyama-Ramakrishnan
Shadow Mountain

Claire Kageyama-Ramakrishnan
Bear, Diamonds and Crane

Chao Center Asian Studies