Glen Gondo

My name is Glen Gondo, I live in Houston, Texas. My Parents, Japanese Americans, were interned during World War II.  My Uncle was a volunteer fighting for the Americans in the 442nd Japanese American Regimental Combat team that was killed during the Rescue of the Texas Lost Battalion. 

My Aunt while assembled at the Santa Anita horse track died from giving birth due to unsanitary conditions and lack of proper medical attention.

We endorse the The Texas Holocaust and Genocide Commission  The change to the TEK recommendation is as follows:  
High School US History TEK 7 (E)
propose the following addition:

    • After the words “multiple fronts” add the words “liberation of concentration camps.”
    • Rationale:
      • Eisenhower’s statement, “Let the world see” was his immediate insight that the camps required the world to bear witness formed a central theme of the liberation-era response to the holocaust.
      • Japanese-American troops of the 533 Field Artillery Battalion liberated one of the Dachau sub-camps and freed the prisoners on the death march form Dachau. This shows that even though their families were interned they fought as Americans. A great example of our ethnicity as a virtue to when they were denied the same rights as others.

The Texas 36th Infantry Division liberated Dachau sub-camps and the Texas 90th Infantry Division liberated Flossenbürg concentration camp, finding about 1,500 prisoners who had not been evacuated on death marches