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Tie-in with the "100 years of Japanese Texas" will be the hope that KISHI LANE and MAYUMI ROAD may be adopted and accepted by the Jefferson/Orange so as to truly honor the Japanese pioneers on that land, through the seeking of enlightened local residents to participate in this celebration, it is contemplated that through appropriate education and public relations, we will be able to accomplish the name change of these roads. This project shall call for a lot of hard work over a period of time. Some participants are already assigned to the task and Daniel Watanabe is spearheading this project. Both George Hirasaki and Mari Okabayashi have approved this route to be the path to take in the name changes. October, 2002

Position of Houston JACL , December 2003
Position of Houston JACL, March 2004
Texas Honor Press Release, 7/8/04
Petition to change the name of Jap Road
Online National JACL petition by Kristine Minami

National JACL, July 21
National JACL Resolution

Maps of Roads
Kobayashi Road, Webster
   Kobayashi family picture
   Kobayashi family story

Mykawa Road (after Shinpei Maekawa), Houston  
   How the Road Got That Name

Oyama Road, San Banito, Cameron Co.
   Oyama family story

Jap Lane, Vidor
   Area map
   Kishi Colony

Kishi Road, Vidor


Jap Road, Fannett
   Area map
   Jap Road
   Yoshi Mayumi
   A Road in Texas, Hellmut Klicker

Jap Road, Fort Bend County


Jap Road, 2003-2004

   Jap is not an abbreviation.
   Scott Newar
   CNN.com Dec. 3
   Beaumont Enterprise
   Dallas Morning News
   Commissioner Domingue
 Judge Carl R. Griffith, Jr.
   Senator Inouye
   Support Letters
   New York Times
   Testimonies, July 19
   CNN, July 19
   Houston Chronicle

   Lake Jackson Paper
  Click2Houston, July 29
KFDM.com, Aug. 2
JAVA Press Release

     Road Name Change Website


Jap Lane, Orange County, 2004-05

Judge Carl K. Thibodeaux
First Meeting

Beaumont Enterprise, January 2005
Beaumont Enterprise, June 21 & 22
Statement to Orange County
Orange County Commissioners Court
Beaumont Enterprise, July 6, 2005
Commissioner Dubose
Pacific Citizen, August 2005
Kishi Road, 2007


Letters of Support, 1993
U.S. President
U.S. Senate
U.S. House of Representatives
U.S. Dept. of Justice
Texas Governors
Texas Senate
Texas House of Representatives
Jefferson County, Domingue
Jefferson County, Ed Moore
Beaumont Enterprise
Houston JACL



Commentary by Yoko Tsukuda