Local JA Veterans and Family Members Attended Congressional Gold Medal Award in Wash. DC Nov. 2, 2011

Local Houston area veterans that went to Washington DC to be awarded the Congressional Gold Medal on Nov. 2, 2011:
Tommy Okabayashi, 442nd
George Fujimoto, 442nd
Kenneth Takehara, 442nd
Norman Ikari, 442nd
Lawrence Kamiya, 100th
Ronald Minami, 442nd
Richard Miyakawa, 442nd
George Oyama, 442nd
Sumio Sumihiro, MIS

George Nakamura (MIS) was registered but was not able to attend to receive his CGM.

Texas veterans that registered but could not attend to receive their CGM but were represented by family members:
Kay Tamada, MIS, represented by Ronald Tamada
Shigeru Imai, 442nd represented by Debra Imai Williams
Willie Tanamachi, 442nd represented by Sandra Tanamachi
Sus Toyoda represented by Kathleen Toyoda

Deceased CGM Veterans represented by their family members from Houston at CGM Awards in Wash. DC:
Lillian Bonner representing her uncle, George Inai 442nd
Linda Toyota for her father, Yoshio Toyota, 442nd
Linda and Jan Toyota for their uncle, Shichizo Toyota, 442nd  (KIA, July 1944 in Italy)
Sandra Tanamachi for Saburo Tanimachi, 442nd (KIA, Oct 29, 1944, during Lost Battalion Rescue in Vosges Mountains, France)
Sandra Tanamachi for her uncles with 442nd: Goro Tanamachi and  Walter Tanamachi
Sandra Tanamachi for her uncle Taira Nakao  (MIS)
Harold Hebson for Harold Ethridge, 442nd 2nd Lt 100th C Company
Adela Uchida for Toshiyuki Uchida, 442nd
Fran Shintani for Munro Shintani, 442nd