Toyozo Watanabe

by Glenn C. Price

from Right Around Webster Bicentennial 1776-1976


    Toyozo Watanabe was born in 1884 in Japan.  He came to Webster in 1905, married Kisayo, who was born in 1891.  They had seven children, two sons and five daughters, Mae, Rola, Mary, Ken, Richard, Ella, and Alice.

    He was a rice farmer then a truck farmer until 1962 when he decided to sell his farm.  He wanted to retain a small part of the land to live on, but was unable to do so.  He moved to Houston where he lived for one and half years.  He passed away in November of 1963.  Mrs. Watanabe is still living in Houston with one of her daughters.  She is 84 years old.  They have fifteen grandchildren.