The Yamazaki Family

Chiyo Yamazaki was the sister of Kichimatsu Kishi.  She had a daughter Hatsu, who made a visit to the U.S. about 1976.  Hatsu is buried in the gravesite with Ukichi Kishi.  Chiyo had a son, Kazuzo.  Kazuzo had a daughter, Atsuko Yamazaki, presently living in Nagaoka.  Her address is as follows:

Atsuko Yamazaki
2-1-1 Kashiwacho
Nagaoka 940-0088
Phone: 0258-39-0410

Chiyo Yamazaki (sister of Kichimatsu Kishi) seated on left and her daughter Hatsu, seated second from right.

Kazuzo Yamazaki (wife Ayaka), Son of Chiyo and father of Atsuko.

Atsuko Yamazaki, daughter of Kazuzo, great grand daughter of Ukichi Kishi.

Atsuko Yamazaki has a daughter, Mariko, who is married to Kazunon Nakagawa.  They have a young daughter, Mina.

Kazunon Nakagawa is a petroleum engineer with JAPEX.  He will be attending Stanford University to study toward a M.S. in petroleum engineering.  His email address is:

Crystal given to the Yamazaki Family by Kichimatsu Kishi upon his visit in 1931.