Ukichi Kishi
1839   He was born as fourth son of Heizo Yamamoto who is a merchant in Nigata machi

1849   He was adopted by Kishi family who was merchant for cloth of kimono whose address is Nagaoka Omoteichinomachi

1854   He changed his business from cloth for kimono to importing goods.

1869   Starting of the Lamp Association meeting at Kishi’s house.

1878   Founded Rice trading company with Tetsuzo Suzuki in September started a bank business at 69th Bank with Magozaemon Sekiya, as Vice General Manager.

1879   Founded Nagaoka business company with Kametaro Endo and General Manger.

1886   Founded Hokuetsu Immigration Company with Okuzjiro Mishima

1887   Founded the Chamber of Commerce and Industry with Kyohachiro Nomoto.

1888   Founded Nippon Oil Company with Kenzaburo Yamaguchi

1891   Founded Thread manufacturing factory with Rokumatsu Watanabe

1895   Founded Hokuetsu Railway Company with Kenzaburo Yamaguchi, as auditing director.

1898   The President of 69th Bank and founded Nagaoka Refinery Company, as president

1899   Founded Nagaoka Oil Transporting company, was President.

1910   October 9th – died

Ukichi Kishi

A leader in the Nagaoka industrial business world in the Meiji Era.

His son Kichimatsu went to Texas in USA and succeeded as a pioneer in Japanese immigration.  When Ukichi was near death, he urged Kichimatsu, who was relucant to leave his father, it is said that he told him, "don't delay even a day to get back to Texas."
[Hometown: The People of Nagaoka, Nagaoka City]
Burial site of Ukichi Kishi, Saifukuji temple 1869   Starting of the Lamp Association meeting at Kishi’s house.

What's the Lamp Association meeting?

    After the Hokuetsu Boshin War of 1868, people got together by a lamp to talk about the economy and the future of Nagaoka. The lamp was a symbol of the meeting. Ukichi imported the lamp from Europe through Yokohoma.

   It is said that when the oil refined from liquids of the Echigo area was used, the light was bright, and thus "this is the symbol of western culture.  If we study under this light, we can revamp out industry."  Thus, started the "Lamp Association."

Ukichi Kishi (third from left on top row)
Born as the 4th son of HeizoYamamoto at Kami Ogawa-Mae-Dori, Niigata-cho, on 1839.  Given name was Bunzo.  He was adopted at age 11 (1850) into the Kishi Family, a clothing merchant of Nagaoka.  After the Seisen War, due to the turmoil, the business was changed from that of a clothing merchant to a textile merchant.  As a merchant representative, he participated in the establishment of the 69th National Bank, and became its fourth president. He then begain his contributions to the development of the Nagaoka business industry.   He also contributed his effort to the opening of the Hokuetsu Railraod and development of Hokkaido.  The contribution he made to business in Nagaoka is monumental.

Torasaburo Kobayashi is second from right on top row. (Kome Hyappyo)

Okujiro MIshima is second from right on bottom row.  He founded Hokuetsu Immigration Company with Ukichi Kishi. He was co-establisher of the 69th Bank (1878) and the third president of the bank.

Kome Hyappo (100 Sacks of Rice) The story of "100 Sacks of Rice" became well known after it was mentioned by Prime minister Junichiro Koizumi in 2001.

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