Omotemachi was retailers’ street of Nagaoka. Ukichi Kishi’s dry-good store was found on Omote Ichinomachi, and Junzo Nagai’s house was located on Omote Yonnomachi.
At 320 Senjucho lived Kichimatsu Kishi. Ukichi might have moved from Omotemachi after the war fire of 1868 or after he became a banker.  Kichimatsu and Hachitaro might have been born here.  Taro and Toki were probably born here.
Honmachi was wholesalers’ street.  Saifukuji, Kishi’s family temple, was located in Honmachi Sanchome.
On Knada Ichinomachi lived Masakichi Abe’s family.
At 215 Ura Ichinomachi was Yakichi Omiya’s home.
Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto’s birth home at 31 Gyokuzoinmachi cannot be found in this small map.
This map was made as of 1933.
[Orii, 1983]

Kome Hyappyo (Hundred Sacks of Rice) by Yamamoto Yuzo [translated by Takashi Nagata, 1992]

    About 120 years ago, there lived in the province of Echigo a man by the name of Torasaburo Kobayashi, a member of the Nagaoka Clan.  Kobayashi's clan, defeated in a civil war in which their town was razed to the ground, were enduring a period of great poverty and acute famine.  The clansmen on the edge of starvation sought to find some small relief in the donation of 100 sacks of rice from a neighbouring branch clan.  Kobayashi, realizing that the aid would provide only a temporary relief from their suffering, argued that the rice should be sold and the proceeds from the sale be used in the founding of a school. For it was his firm belief that it was only through education that his clan might once again prosper.

    "Nagaoka will never recover if we are living just from hand to mouth. I want to found a school because I desire its true recovery.  In your view it may be unreasonable, but don't you think that we should emphasize education for the very reason that times are hard now?"
    "Unless we build from scratch by educating the younger generation, we can not revive Nagaoka."

    This was written into a play by Yamamoto Yuzo. Kobayashi lived in a residence provided by Ukichi Kishi, 32 years of age. Ukichi Kishi addressed Kobayashi as 'teacher' in the play.

This story became well known to the people of Japan after Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi mentioned it in 2001.

Searching Trip for Great Grandfather – Ukichi Kishi

Mr. & Mrs. George Hirasaki
Mr. & Mrs. Takashi Hirasaki

Welcoming Program


    Since we have received a request to host Mr. & Mrs. George Hirasaki from Mr. & Mrs. Yamagata living in Ft. Worth, which is a sister city of Nagaoka, looking for the history of their ancestors we welcome them.

1.  Mr. Yamagata has been the President of Japanese assoc. in Ft. Worth area since establishment of relations with Ft. Worth as sister city he has been making a great effort to exchange information between us and he has been a go-between.

2.  George Hirasaki has been Professor at Rice University.  It’s will be 100 years by March 7, 2004 since establishment of Nagaoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  We would like to welcome Mr. & Mrs. George Hirasaki as appreciation of Ukichi accomplishments.  We have record of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto having visited Texas Oil fields as shown in Yamamoto’s Memorial Hall.  Since Yamamoto visited Texas the Hirasaki’s are interested in finding the relationship between Yamamoto and Kishi.  Because of the reasons mentioned above we decided to make a trip as shown in attached scheduled.

Hosts: Akio Inagawa (Head of the Nagaoka Central Library)
Eiji Higuchi (Sr. Managing Director of Nagaoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry)
Those people who are interested in local history

12:32  Arrival at Nagaoka station – Toki 353
13:30  Departure from hotel New Otani
13:35  Nihon Goson Sha: Nozecura & Museum 1.  Explanation of itinerary of visit 2.  Explanation of Nagaoko history  and position of Ukichi Kishi in the history.
14:10  Visit to temple (Saifukuji ) and cemetery of Kishi family to pay respect Wataricho 3-21 (tele. 33-3197)
14:30  Visit Kishi’s relative (Yamazaki)
15:00  Visit Kishi family site in Omotemachi
15:30  Courtesy visit – President of Hokuetsu Bank (Nozaki)Courtesy visit – President of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Tamura)
16:30  Visit Isoroku Yamamoto Memorial Hall
18:30  Dinner

9:30  Sightseeing in Nagaoka City and Yukyu Mountain. Visit to the Industry Museum. Prefecture Museum visit (History Museum). Sake Museum visit.
12:00  Lunch
1:30  Visit home sites of Kishi and Yamamoto
2:30  Visit with Yamazaki and family

Saifukuji Temple where Ukichi Kishi and Hatsu Yamazaki are buried. Takashi and Saeko Hirasaki; priest, widow of past priest who was classmate of Mrs. Hayse; George and Darlene Hirasaki

front row: Darlene and George Hirasaki, Takashi and Saeko Hirasaki ; second row: Iwao Tamura, President of The Nagaoka Chamber of Commerce & Industry; Eiji Higuchi, Senior Managing Director; back row: Kazuaki Hasegawa; Akio Inagawa, Chief Librarian, Chuo Library; Ishizuka Keiko; Katsuhiro Takano

George and Darlene Hirasaki, Kazunori Nakagawa, Saeko Hirasaki, Atsuko Yamazaki, Mariko (Yamazaki) Nakagawa, Mina Nakagawa

Higashiyama Oil Field.  Nagaoka was a oil producing province during the Meiji Era.