Search Family Roots

     One aspect of '100 Years of Japanese Texans' (100 JT) is to help individuals search their family roots in Texas.  The following are pending:

1. Info on Sachihiko Ono “George” Murata who lived at Caddo Lake and died in 1946.  The name Sachihiko Murata is listed on the JACL webpage.  [From Felecia B. Allen]

2. David McElwrath Jr's father had a classmate  at Texas A&M, class of 1941, named Ty Kobayashi.  [From David McElwrath Jr, now living in Baytown, TX]

3. A Kendra Warren's father (Kenneth Warren) befriended a Mr. Asami Masakiyo during the post-war years (1946-47) and   found in the Gregg County Texas marriage record of this Masakiyo marrying a Emiko Nishitani.  Ms. Kendra has sent me early photos of those days and is anxious to re-establish contact with this Masakiyo.

    If you wish assistance in researching your family roots, please give us information you have and we will post the information on the website.

    Do we have individuals who will volunteer to serve on a Historian Committee to do research and respond to such inquiries?