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Our Mission:
To preserve the history and culture of Japanese-Americans through education.
To protect the civil rights of Japanese-Americans and other people.
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Manzanar: A. Adams
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442 & Lost Btn.



Current Events

Past Events

Tsukiji Wonderland, November 10

The Rebuilding of Fukushima

The Saibara Colony

Japanese Texans - Life on the Edge of Belonging

Breaking Out of Sunset Place, Jan. 27

Houston Chapter of JACL

Japan Festival Houston

George and Mary Fujimoto obituary

Hair Like the Sun
Harvey Michio Onishi obituary


Tsutomu "Tommie" Okabayashi obituary

George Nakamura obituary

Daniel Watanabe obituary
The Art of Gaman

World War II hero was never 'enemy'

Video of CGM tour in New Orleans
Congressional Gold Medal - Houston Celebration
Congressional Gold Medal
Scholarship Dinner
442: Live with Honor, Die with Dignity
JapanFest 2011
Japan Relief Fund

Congressional Gold Medal to 100th, 442nd, and MIS
Houston JACL Chapter Early History
Texas Board of Education on JA Internment
Japan Fest 2010
"Power of Words"

Girl's Day Program

65th Anniversary of the Rescue of the "Lost Battelion" by the 442rd RCT

Return of 442/522 Veterans to Bruyeres, Biffontaine, and the Rescue of the “Lost Battalion”
(several minutes to download)

The Gate of Heaven

Japan Fest 2008

442 veterans honored at APAHA Gala, May 19, 2006
Only the Brave
, film of the 442, May 20, 2006

Photo Tour

Texas Road Names

The Japanese American Experience During World War II
April 16, 2005
Photo Tour

Unlikely Liberators, Holocaust Museum Houston
Sugihara, Japanese Rightous Gentile


Internment, Redress, and Post 9/11
100, 442, 522, and MIS Veterans
Dachau Death Camp



442 - Honorary Texans
The 100th / 442nd CRT / 522 Field Artillery
Dachau Death Camp discovered by the 522nd
Military Intelligance Service (MIS)
George Nakamura (MIS)
Saburo Tanamachi, 442nd E Co., KIA
Willie Tanamachi 442nd
Goro Tanamachi 442nd
Tsutomu “Tommie” Okabayashi, 442nd
USS Hornet
Chiune Sugihara, Visas for Life
Chiune Sugihara, PBS, May 5

Webster Pioneer Families Memorial
Fairview Cemetery
Forrest Park East Cemetery


New Family Stories!
Katsunore Wakasa, Orange Petroleum Company
John Hirasaki, Apollo 11
Mas and Lily Yamasaki , during WW II
Daniel Watanabe during WW II
Hachitaro and Moto Kishi
Norman Yoichi Kishi during WW II
Jimmy Kishi, Longhorn Football to Test Pilot
Ai Kishi

Kiyoko Takai Kishi
iMayumi, 'A Road in Texas'

Childrens Village at Manzanar
Natalie Ong: Reflections: Bainbridge Island to Manzanar
Fumiko Hayashida: The Woman Behind the Symbol